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Welcome to Lets Make creative art workshops


Pelican Puppets

Creative art workshops:

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Suitable for all ages and abilities.

Lets Make specialise in creative art activities  for:

We offer creative art workshops in puppet making, mosaics, and, banners or flag creation.
These are designed to stimulate imaginations, fire up creativity, and encourage people to explore new skills and materials.

Please click on the squares below to find art activities, puppet shows, and community art projects that are relevant to you or your organisation.

About us

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Neighbourhood Houses: Libraries: Museums: Child and Family Centres: Schools: Councils

Lets Make a community project

Lets Make a pizza oven

Festivals and events

Lets Make puppets

Lets Make mosaics

Lets Make banners and flags

Lets Watch a puppet show

Curiouser and Curiouser

Community Arts projects

A great way to bring community closer is to imagine, design, and create a fantastic piece of art together. Lets Make can facilitate that process from start to finish. As a result everybody involved brings different skills to the project and takes  community ownership of the outcome.

Pizza oven building. Banner creation to decorate an event or space whilst telling a story. Large images for parades or festivals built by the community. Community mosaic creation. These are just some of the many community projects imagined, facilitated and created by Lets Make.

Puppet shows

Pelican Puppets is still the name we use for our traditional style puppet shows. They are great fun for children of all ages (1 to 120).  Fantastic for agricultural shows, festivals, events, pre-schools, or school holiday programs. In fact anywhere where you would like to watch great, old fashioned live entertainment.

Two different glove puppet shows are performed from our traditional red and white striped puppet theatre.