Neighbourhood Houses: Libraries: Child and Family Centres: Councils:

Neighbourhood Houses: Libraries: Child and Family Centres: Museums: Councils:

Our workshops and puppet shows are ideally suited to your organisation’s needs. Workshops can be tailored to a theme or a community arts project designed to uniquely fit with your ideas.

$20M Public Liability insurance and Tasmanian Working with Vulnerable People card.


Community arts:

Art in your community

Lets create and facilitate a magical art project for your community!

Some of the many art projects that we have created and or facilitated can be found in the links below.

Hands on workshops in:
Banners and flags
Community pizza oven building
Large image creation
Puppet making
Tailored project for your specific needs


It’s fun!
Improves health and wellbeing through engagement in creative activities
Skills transfer to community
Stimulates imagination

Some organisations we work with

Community Gardens
Neighbourhood houses
Museums, art galleries, libraries
Festivals & events
Health authorities
Local Councils

veggie planter mosaics 12

Creative arts workshop:

Mad Mosaics

Mosaics are:
Colourful and resilient.
Great for signage, pavers, trivets, or garden markers.
A great activity for brain development.
Great displayed inside or outside.
Able to be made indoors or outdoors.
Suitable for individual or group work.
Micro mosaics are safe to use. No sharp edges.

Who? (to suggest a few):

Holiday programs.
Libraries, museums, art galleries.
Neighbourhood Houses.
Child and Family Centres.
Local Councils
Community projects.

All materials are supplied. Finished piece can be taken home if individual work.

Workshop length: 2 hours approx. if a one off workshop.

Age 7 years and up. 5 years and up with more adult help.

See flyer for workshop cost.

Community projects can be tailored to your particular needs. Please ask for a  quote.

molong stories 3

Creative arts workshop:​

Banners and Flags

Banners and flags can:
Be bright and colourful
Tell a story
Bring colour and movement to an event
Be made by all ages,
children and adult
Be great for group work
Be used to advertise your community group, made by your community group

Who? (to suggest a few)
Holiday programs
Libraries, museums, art galleries
Neighbourhood Houses
Child and Family Centres
Community projects

All materials supplied.

We use non toxic eco fabric paint and easy to learn techniques to create bright and fun banners.

Banners can be custom sized beforehand if for group work.

Workshop length: 2 hours approx if a one off workshop.

Age 7 years and up. 5 years and up with more adult help.

See flyer for workshop cost.

Please ask for a quote if you have a specific idea or event you wish to brighten up with community made flags or banners.

dunalley house 18 6_cr

Puppet making workshop:

Mouth puppets

Highly effective animal mouth puppets ideal for younger ages with adult help or as a continuous workshop where people spend as long as they wish to, and take home a colourful puppet. 

Where does this workshop work?

As an addition to our colourful puppet show at your event or festival.

At a shopping event at major retail store.

Kindergarten/pre-school to encourage child and adult interaction.

Workshop length: 60 minutes approx. or as a continuous workshop.

All materials supplied.

Age 3 years and up with adult help.

See flyer for workshop cost.

pop up workshops 1

Puppet making workshop:

Pop Up Puppets

A very simple puppet that lives in its very own tiny puppet theatre.

A great activity for parents and younger children to do together.

This workshop uses everyday, easy to source materials. Once you have made one more can be made at home.

All materials supplied.

Workshop length: 75 minutes approx.

Age 3 years and up with adult help.

See flyer for workshop cost.

rod puppet workshops 2

Puppet making workshop:

Rod puppets

A fun, interactive puppetry workshop that enables participants to build their own rod puppets out of simple, robust everyday materials; use them in their own puppet plays and then keep them.

All materials and tools are supplied. A puppet theatre for use during the workshop is also provided.

During this workshop people are taken step by step through the process of construction to end up with a colorful, imaginative rod puppet.

Workshop length: 120 minutes approx.

Age 7 years and up (5 years with adult help)

See flyer for workshop cost.

kkk compressed 2

Puppet making workshop:

Krazy Kitchen Kreations

Transform everyday kitchen utensils and easy to obtain craft materials into colourful puppets. These can then be brought to life in the puppet theatre by the workshop participants.

An ideal workshop for vacation care, schools, libraries, or parents and children working together. Explore and grow your child’s creativity.

All materials and a puppet theatre are supplied for use during the workshop. Puppets can be kept by the participants.

Workshop length 90 minutes approx.

Age 3-5 years with one on one adult help. 5 years and up with supervision.

See flyer for workshop cost.

puppet show 9

Pelican Puppets:

Puppet Shows

Old fashioned puppet shows performed from a  traditional red and white striped portable puppet theatre.

Two different glove puppet shows both starting with puppets interacting with the audience to music.

Perform  inside or out
Fun for all ages
Power not necessary
Self-contained audio system

Good, old fashioned, live entertainment
A theatre that comes to you
Colourful interactive show

Holiday programs
Agricultural shows
Australia Day
Aged Care facilities
Retail events

Show length 30 minutes (ish)
Begins with puppets that interact with the audience to music

Glove puppets come to life in the red and white puppet theatre

Puppets can be walked around to interact with visitors to your event

$20M public liability insurance

Tasmanian Working with Vulnerable People Card.

See flyer for show costs.