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Lets Make

Community arts:


Creative workshops

Neighbourhood Houses: Libraries: Museums: Child and Family Centres: Schools: Councils

Our creative workshops and puppet shows are ideally suited to your organisation’s needs. Workshops can be tailored to a theme or a community arts project designed to uniquely fit with your ideas and aspirations.

A pizza oven built by the community; a mosaic designed and created by a group of  people; decorative flags, banners or wall hangings; puppet making workshops designed for adults to work with their children.

Sky’s the limit! We can help bring your creative ideas to fruition.

$30M public liability insurance and Tasmanian Working with Vulnerable People Card.

Please explore the links below for information on community arts projects, individual workshops or puppet shows suitable for Neighbourhood Houses, Libraries, Museums, Child and family Centres, Schools, and Councils.

A brochure with all details including current pricing is available by clicking the button below.

Lets Make a community arts project

Lets create and facilitate a magical art project for your community!

Lets Make a junk puppet

Suitable for 7 years and up, (5 years with adult help)

Lets Make a mosaic

Age 7 years and up, (5 years and up with adult help)

Lets Make a popup puppet

Suitable 7 years and up, (3 years with one on one adult help)

Lets Make banners or flags

Age 7 years and up. (5 years and up with more adult help.)

Lets Make mouth puppets

Suitable for 5 years and up, (3 years with adult help)

Lets Make rod puppets

Suitable for 7 years and up, (5 years with help)

Lets Watch a puppet show

Old fashioned traditional entertainment