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Lets make a pizza oven

Building and cooking with a pizza oven is a fantastic way for people to come together. To imagine, build, create and celebrate.

Pizza ovens are great for community gardens, neighbourhood houses, or in the backyard.

Some of the many reasons for deciding to build a pizza oven.

Sean Manners has facilitated the building of several pizza ovens in Tasmania. Using natural building materials for the oven Sean can facilitate the complete project from planning to cooking pizza, or show the way forward  on a two day workshop on your pizza oven site. Follow up advice is always available.

Why build a pizza oven?

Community projects, health and wellbeing have proven to be good partners. Engagement in building and cooking activities as part of a community can do the following:

Use the arrows below to see examples of pizza oven building.

To download more information regarding pizza oven building use button below.